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Talkin’ Analytics Week Five: How Have Opposing QB’s Performed Against Our Defense?

Not to toot my own horn, but last week’s Talkin’ Analytics almost perfectly previewed what we saw on offense from

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Four: YOU GOTTA FIGHT!

I wonder if there are any stats on how teams do the week after getting involved in a post-game fight?

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Three: A Historically Bad Run Game

Well, we are 211 days from the 2021 NFL Draft which is very exciting! But until then, I guess we

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Is Evan Engram A Bust?

On April 27th, 2017, the New York Giants selected Evan Engram with the 23rd pick of the NFL Draft. Coming

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Two: Still Searching for Consistency

Thirty eight out of the last fifty games have ended in a loss. It still hurts to type that but

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Talkin’ Analytics Week One: Missed Opportunities

New York Giants Football is back and for a bit, it was pretty fun but also heartbreaking once again. Once

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These Are The Stats The Giants MUST Improve To Have Success in 2020

We all know the Giants have a lot of areas they need to improve on in 2020. Even if this

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The Stats That Prove Saquon Barkley Rises Above Expectations

Some of you might be surprised that I am even writing about this. To be honest, I’m pretty surprised too.

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The Giants 2019 Defense, What Went Right and What Went Wrong

Let’s start this off with an obvious take, the Giants defense was horrible in 2019. They allowed teams to dominate

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The Truth About Jason Garrett’s Offense

When Jason Garrett was hired as the team’s offensive coordinator, I think fans had two different reactions: “Whew! Thank goodness