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Talkin’ Analytics Week 12: Can the Giants Beat the Seahawks?

The New York Football Giants are in first place in the NFC East in December and damn, it feels good.

2020 Season Deep Dives

Talkin’ Analytics Bye Week: Giants Season By The Numbers

What a bye week it has been! The excitement of winning two games in a row against divisional opponents, the

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Nine: How Close the Giants Offense is to Being “Average”

After playing the Buccaneers tooth and nail on national television, the NFC East being as bad as it is, and

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Eight: Evaluating Daniel Jones at the Halfway Mark

The one thing on everyone’s minds heading into the second half of this season: Daniel Jones. If there is any

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Seven: What is Wrong with the Defense?

I am not sure there has been more of a heartbreaking game the Giants have lost since 2015, where the

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The Giants Need to Reduce the Snaps of Evan Engram

When Daniel Jones has targeted Evan Engram in 2020, it has hurt the Giants offense more than it has helped.

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Six: Coaching to Win

It took until the middle of October, but we did it. We are in the win column! And now, this

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Five: How Have Opposing QB’s Performed Against Our Defense?

Not to toot my own horn, but last week’s Talkin’ Analytics almost perfectly previewed what we saw on offense from

2020 Season

Tracking Pass Rusher Production On a Weekly Basis

Pro Football Reference since 2018 has been tracking advanced pass rusher stats like QB pressures, knockdowns and hurries. I have

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Talkin’ Analytics Week Four: YOU GOTTA FIGHT!

I wonder if there are any stats on how teams do the week after getting involved in a post-game fight?