Here we are again, another Sunday came around, and another Giants loss. A game the Giants needed to win, and a game they should’ve honestly won. The Giants had the highest of highs in this game, and the lowest of lows. They now sit 0-5, dead last in the NFC East, and more questions surround this team. Let’s jump into my 5 takeaways from the Giant’s 5th straight loss on the season.

Heart Breaking Injuries

I’m starting this piece off with the injuries. First, Dak Prescott. Watching him getting carted off the field in tears after a gruesome ankle injury was hard to watch. With what he went through in 2020, it’s terrible his season ended the way it did. Even though we despise the Cowboys, he’s one of the good guys in the league. Wishing the best for him going forward, and hoping for more battles against him in the NFC East in the future. Hopefully, Jerry Jones takes care of him because he deserves it. I would also like to hope for the best for Lorenzo Carter. As of writing this, I don’t know the severity, but they ruled him out with an Achilles which is never good. Felt like this would be his breakout season, so hopefully, it’s nothing serious, but I fear the worst. The Giants already without Oshane Ximines so Kyler Fackrell & Markus Golden will have huge roles going forward plus you’d expect Carter Coughlin or Cam Brown to get some reps in the OLB rotation.

The Refs were bad

I’m not blaming this game on the refs, the Giants had opportunities to win, but they didn’t take advantage of those opportunities. However, a brutal no call on a holding is an egregious miss by the officials.

The ref had a clear line of sight at it, but they didn’t throw the flag. They can notice Cam Fleming wasn’t set, but they miss a call as clear as that? The Giants might’ve still lost even with this call, we will never know. But the fact that the refs can miss calls like that and just go on with their week is unacceptable. I’ve been saying this for years, referees need to be made available for comment on situations like these. If you or I were this bad at our job, we would be fired. They will always miss calls, but they need to face the music and answer about what they saw, and why they didn’t view a play like that worthy of a flag. The OPI call on the Darius Slayton touchdown was pure incompetence. The NFL runs rub routes but this was not a rub route! The Cowboys played tight coverage on bunched receivers and the DB got caught up on a slant. That’s the chance you take when you play tight coverage. Is it illegal to run a slant? Ratley didn’t block at all. Garbage. NFL officiating rant over.

Cooper Neill/NFL

The Offense-

The New York Giants… or should I call them the New York Field Goal Giants? Ok, I stole that one from Justin, but it’s true. Besides the opening drive in the first quarter, it was field goal after field goal. If the NFL was all about scoring field goals, the Giants would be king. Their second touchdown came on a poor snap the Cowboys which set the Giants up with field position that would’ve been unacceptable if they don’t score (but would have been so 2020 Giants). For the first time all season, they developed a running game (even though they averaged 3.8 yards per carry), Darius Slayton had a 100-yard game, and yet they still struggled to get to the end zone. Justin put up this interesting tweet:

Daniel Jones had some good moments, and made some good plays. However, people will remember two moments. One was the fumble after Andrew Thomas got beat by Demarcus Lawrence, which led to a scoop and score by Dallas. The other moment was not being able to lead this team on a game-winning drive. It was an opportunity to silent the outside noise, but the offense couldn’t get it done. It’s clear the Giants aren’t going to win many games this year, so it’s all about examining what the Giants have. I want to believe in Jones, and he has 11 games not to only make an impression on Judge, but whoever the new general manager will be, as it’s inventible change is mad at the top. Jones & Slayton were the only guys making plays on the team on Sunday.

Graham Gano is amazing

The Giants had a great kicker in Robbie Gould in 2016, but they let him walk at season end. Aldrick Rosas had a rough 2017, an amazing 2018, but a horrible 2019. The addition of Graham Gano was a welcome one, as I have my doubts Rosas could’ve made the field goals Gano did today. Finding a quality kicker is hard to come by, and the Giants better make sure Gano gets the contract extension he deserves. It would be a crime to let him walk.

Cooper Neill/NFL

The Defense Let Us Down

The Giants defense has been great so far. They did have some bad moments in Chicago and against the 49ers, but they’ve been the bright spot all season. However, today was some bad moments. What we considered the defense strong suit, our run defense, let us down all game. Ezekiel Elliot had 91 yards on 19 carries and 2 TDs. James Bradberry did his job against Amari Cooper, holding him to only two catches for 23 yards. The other 2 corners? Well, they didn’t fair very well. Ceedee Lamb had 8 catches for 124 yards, while Michael Gallup had 4 for 73 yards, 2 of them came on Dallas game-winning drive. He made two great catches against Ryan Lewis, the latter setting Dallas up in field goal range. While Dallas was ranked as the number one offense coming into the game, this defense had the people to slow them down. The final thing I’ll say on them. What happened to Dak Prescott was awful. However, the Giants allowed Andy Dalton to come in and make it seem like he was in the game all day. Yes, they game planned for Prescott all week, but Andy Dalton shouldn’t be scary. I know he’s a Cincinnati Bengals legend and a veteran who’s been here before, but I just believe this defense has the talent to stop him, but they didn’t have it in them.


The Giants return home to face the Washington Football Team. They can make up ground by winning next week against Washington, and then on Thursday against the Eagles. Not sure what to expect for the rest of the season, just hoping to enjoy Giants football for the remainder of the year.


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